We offer a wide variety of feeders to suit any size of flock. Prices start at $350 (click here)

Handling Equipment

From a complete working chute to tilt tables, we offer Marweld products for all your needs. Sections can be purchased individually. Click here for more information.

Feed Carts

We offer a wide range of both plastic and steel carts to help you with your feed chores.
(click here)

Watering systems

Click here for tanks and bowls for inside the barn or out in the field.

Click here for Pails and feed pans.

Sheep clippers

We have a wide selection of electric and hand shears for wool, and also a variety of
Hoof trimmers (click here) 

ID markers

Click here for all the necessary ear tags, from baby lamb tags to the RFID tags, and
those required for shipping. Plus the RFID Tag Reader for those large flocks shipping a large
number of lambs.

Lamb Feeding

Click here for bottles and pails for feeding those orphan lambs.

Livestock Markers

We offer paint sticks, spray markers, and Marking blocks and harness for your Rams
at Breeding time.

Please contact us for more information and other sheep related products which have not been listed above.

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