Slow Feeding Netting- The Perfect Natural Feed Concept

Unbeatable for saving that valuable Hay, your horse will still get sufficient feed to eat, but at a more natural pace, thereby improving gut health ...and your pocket. We use Slow Feed Netting ourselves, and have been amazed at the ground around the feeder - just no waste at all!

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Martins Feeders and Equipment offer several Tombstone Feeders - our preference for Horses. These are sectional, so they can accomodate the largest of round bales if required. Wasteage is always an issue, and we are always searching for the ideal feeder.

For Inside the Barn, we offer the SMB corner or wall mounted feeders for grain or Hay - check out the Bright Green and Hot Pink! (click here)

Water Tanks

We offer the Nelson automatic waterer from SMB, which can be heated for the coldest areas
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Poly stock tanks for outside areas are available in various sizes, and these can be fitted with a float if desired. (click here)

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We offer the Marweld steel and wood stalls, as well as the Duralume aluminum and wood or composite stalls. Both come in various sizes with door options.

Black is standard for Marweld stalls, but other colours can be ordered. Both use the Roller door design which allows for more "alley room ". Pricing starts at $900

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Stables can be delivered and installed for you if required.


We offer Marweld and Duralume corrals and round pens in various widths and heights, with the ride-thru gate available. Prices start at $2100

Rubber Mats 6 x 4 are always available for $42 each. Watch for special pricing!

Rubber Chips are ideal for that indoor arena, and have excellent 'give' for horses' legs. Also makes good mulching for your garden borders.

Other Horse-Related Items

Saddle racks and mounting blocks from SMB (click to view)

FlaxSheen products, such as Shampoos, (click to view)

Sureflexx Elastic bandages, in a super range of colours (click to view)

We also offer SMB Shovels, Forks, and Brooms.
The Titan and Tuffy lines are strong, light, and extremely durable. (click to view)

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