We offer a wide range of Fencing supplies for all types of Livestock. Whatever your requirements are, we aim to supply you. Design and Build is part of our service to you.

Page Wire is ideal for all Livestock, and it comes in a variety of sizes. All are 12.5 gauge, and most have the Fixed Knot. (click here to view)

We have a Tractor/skid steer-mounted stretcher to help get the fence nice and tight.

We also offer high-tensile wire for all your electrified or non electrified  fencing systems
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For Insultubes and Wraparounds, click here.

For Barbed Wire click here.

Temporary Netting is used mostly for sheep, goats and poultry. It comes in rolls of 164 feet, and there are several different kinds. (click to view)

Horse Rail is today's answer to the board fencing of yesterday. It is strong, durable, does not need painting, and is competitively priced. Most of our customers use this as their top rail and like to use a combination of rope sizes below.

Poly wire, fencing cords, and ropes, as well as Poly Tape, need to be used with an Energiser,
and if installed correctly, will give years of good service and will keep the most awkward of animals from escaping. We have been assured of this on many of our installations.
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Energisers come in a wide range of sizes depending on their needs. (click to view)

Ground Rods are  a very important part of any Electric Fence system. (click to view)

We offer a wide selection of Insulators for wood or steel posts for every type of fence design. (click to view)

Cedar Posts are always available from 3"  to 8". All are 8ft long, but other sizes can be  ordered. We can supply posts suitable for making show jumps or cavelettis.

We also offer steel temporary push-in posts 4ft high,  T bars from 6ft to 8ft,  step-in posts, 5 and 6 ft high with holders attached for rope or wire

And much, much  more!


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